Custom Software Development

No matter what business you are operating, it is likely that you will need a computer. In addition to the computer, you will also need software. When you are choosing the right software for your business, you will be faced with two options, and this is the option to use custom software or off the shelf software. For many people, the answer is fairly simple. They will simply purchase off the shelf software for the sake of saving both money and time. However, depending on the industry you're in, this may not be the best option. Many business owners fail to take into consideration the problems they can experience by using off the shelf software.

While purchasing off the shelf software may help you solve specific problems, you may sometimes find that it is not compatible with your goals.If you choose to buy off the shelf software, it is important to make sure it is powerful enough to perfectly produce the project you are using it for. It should be designed specifically for the project you are using it for. It should not only be "partially" useful for the project you wish to create, unless this is desirable. Depending on your project, it may not be. Before you purchase the software, it is also important to look at the support that is offered by the vendors.

Nowadays, companies are moving towards custom software solutions rather choosing general solutions. A custom software development solution helps in finding exact solutions for specific requirements. Such software can be installed easily on any platform along with the central working model and leads to better revenue realization and profitability.

We understand & appreciate that each business has its unique and specific requirements which either require some parts of the Application to be modified or certain extensions built over the application which would provided the required functionality.

Why to Choose Rantech

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Our high-end dedicated Custom Software development center with a versatile skill pool specializing in technologies like C#, Java,,SQL,XML and ajax is fully equipped to expand for various projects as per the client's requirement.For innovative custom application development we can be the right and reliable choice for you. Our developers’ team puts their expertise to leverage the latest practices of technology so that our clients can stand ahead of your competitors. If you look for accurate synergy of Custom Application Development, our team will focus on your business delights as much as possible.

Our competence & experience ensure that we deliver excellent services & products to our customers & aims at providing high quality custom softwares development which is result-oriented & timely solutions tailored to meet exact needs of our global list of clients.We develop applications keeping in mind various parameters that may influence its functioning to end user.

All of our team members have expertise in developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial standards. Some of our team members have worked on software projects for industry leading firms.