OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Software

Rantech is the one and only Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) Software Provider Company in Jammu and Kashmir. Our Software is successfully working in many recognized institutions at national level like Military Engineering Services, Commander Engineer Works, Indian Army (Northern Command), NIELIT etc.

Our Software helps your organization or instute works like Charm. With our software you can Evaluate the result of 10,000 people in a single day without any headache. You can use any kind of OMR sheet with our software. You can also use barcoded sheets so that nobody knows this sheet is of which candidate. 100% Transperency.

Give a call on this number +91 94191 49932 and ask for the demo of OMR Software. We are 100% sure you will like our software.

How our OMR Software Works ?

  • Scan All the OMR OMR Sheets and put all them in a single Folder.
  • Install OMR Software.
  • Run Software using desktop shortcut of "Rantech OMR".
  • On home screen press upload template button and select arjun.sls file.
  • Create file and open.
  • Enter answer key.
  • Save answer key if not get success massage see where the cursor and complete that empty space.
  • Open read omr. Select path of folder where you put all the sheets.
  • Press read omr button.
  • After completion close it and open correction and do correction if required and save them.
  • Go result summary there are many option to analyze data.

Online Support

For online support please install Team Viewer Software. Click the below link to download :

Download Team Viewer